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ChickSafe Eco Automatic Hen House Door Opener & Door

ChickSafe Eco Automatic Hen House Door Opener & Door
Our Price:  £99.95(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Brinsea

No more worries about being too late to shut your birds in at night. Brinsea's ChickSafe Eco automatic hen house door opener means your birds are safely protected from predators overnight.

The ChickSafe Eco is triggered to either open or close the hen house door based on rising or falling light levels. As the sun comes up, the increasing light levels trigger the ChickSafe Eco to open the hen house door and the falling light levels at dusk which stimulate chickens to go inside the coop, trigger the device to close the hen house door.

The ChickSafe door - to complement the ChickSafe Automatic hen house door openers, Brinsea have developed an innovative, space-saving 2-stage sliding hen house door to replace an existing sliding or hinged hen house door. The ChickSafe door is aluminium with uPVC runners for long-life and fits to most wooden hen house with 6 screws (supplied).

Brinsea’s ChickSafe hen house door openers are the rugged, reliable, fuss-free solution to the problem of being away from home when your chickens need their hen house door closing at night or opening in the morning Brinsea’s ChickSafe models feature a unique (patent pending) mechanism that means there is only one moving part and no mechanical switches for ultimate reliability. The ChickSafe units both feature 'auto-stop' if a chicken is obstructing the door. The ChickSafe models are easily fixed to most hen houses with two screws (supplied) and require no setup or calibration. Just attach the cord to the sliding door and the ChickSafe goes through an automatic procedure to detect the door position and it’s ready to go!

Every part of the ChickSafe hen house door openers are designed with long life and weather resistance which means Brinsea is confident in providing a free 3-year guarantee subject to online registration.