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Nettex Mineral Boost Powder

Nettex Mineral Boost Powder
 Nettex Mineral Boost PowderNettex Mineral Boost Powder 
Our Price:  £6.99(VAT Free)

Net-tex Mineral Powder with Pro-biotics and Seaweed is a diet supplement for laying hens which maximises the chances of strong egg production and minimises the effects of moulting.

Egg shell hardness is determined by your hens' calcium consumption - Net-tex Mineral Powder contains the right levels of limestone, oyster grit and phosphorous to enhance calcium absorption.

To keep your hens' immune systems as strong as possible, Net-tex Mineral Powder also contains the probiotic agent Saccaromyces cerevisiae alongside Vitamin B and a wide spectrum of amino acids.

Seaweed has also been added to improve egg yolk colour and shell strength.