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Our Price:  £312.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Shear Cordless

Price includes 20% VAT

The ShearCordless has revolutionised shearing activites across a broad spectrum of animal husbundary. Now you can unteather yourself from traditional heavy equipment and take the work to the flock, where ever they may be.

Versatile, Convenient, Reliable and above all Safe.

A smooth running, well balanced ergonomic workhorse. Engineered for the harsh conditions of farm use. Durable impact resistant casings with a dependable 180 watt motor that glides through the toughest of jobs with ease.
This clipper comes complete with 3x batteries, enabling up to 4 5 hrs of continued use.

Batteries are held securely in place with a unique sprung metal safety clasp.

Powerful 4000mah lithium battery and 100% safe to use in all weather conditions.

Battery run time approx. 1hr Charge time approx. 2 hrs.

Clear identification numbers marked on each battery for ease of use.

ShearCordless Mk2 Clipper is ideal for dagging/tailing, shearing small flocks and clipping cattle.
Beautifully balanced and 100% safe to use in all weather conditions
Same weight as a standard handpiece
Boasts a 4000 mah lithium battery
Run time approx 1 hour / Charge time approx 2 hour
12v 180w 2500spm 1.35kg

Clipper comes in a handy aluminium carry case complete with :
3x Batteries, Charging unit, 1x Set of Daggaway blades, Comb protector,
Knuckle saver Screwdriver & brush.