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Weeford Coop

Weeford Coop
Weeford CoopWeeford CoopWeeford Coop
Weeford CoopWeeford Coop
Our Price:  £145.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
Carry handles for Weeford Coop:  
Free standing run 6' x 3' for Weeford Coop:  
External nesting box for Weeford Coop:  

Brand:  Littleacre
Number of birds:  1 to 3 - Perfect for a small backyard or garden
External nesting box:  Optional at extra cost
Raised above ground:  No
Slide out floor:  Yes - makes it easy for you to keep coop clean

Sometimes you need a small coop to separate out broody hens from your flock or perhaps to keep a cockerel.

The Weeford coop at just 35" x 25" x 35" High ( 89cm x 63.5cm x 89cm high ) is ideal for this task as well as for breeding trios.

The coop has a hinged corrugated roof for easy access and a slide out floor for easy cleaning.

The Weeford also has an attached nest box with lift top roof so that you can get to the eggs without disturbing the birds.